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Meet employees at their level of knowledge

At one company where I was Human Resources Manager, concern about worker literacy prompted me to begin testing job applicants through the state job service, which used standardized literacy tests. That experiment didn’t last long, however, because nearly 50%¬†of applicants … Continue reading

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Develop your own pre-hire assessments

One of the things I strongly emphasize when coaching recruiters and hiring managers, is the use of pre-hire testing in the hiring process. There is often a big difference between what applicants include on their resumes or applications, and what … Continue reading

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It’s time to stop short-changing education

We’ve all heard, and in some cases experienced the horror stories. College graduates (often star athletes) who are unable to read and write at the eighth grade level. High school graduates who cannot complete even the most basic math problems. … Continue reading

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Survey shows best sources for hires

Internet based recently published their Source of Hire Report 2014, and there were some surprising findings. According to the report, companies continue to find their best candidates in their own backyards. Participating companies filled more than 41% of their … Continue reading

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Disparate Impact Affects All Employers

Sunday’s newspaper brought an article by columnist Thomas Sowell about the Justice Department’s repeated use of the term “disparate impact” in their report about the Ferguson, MO., police department. But what does disparate impact mean to an HR professional or … Continue reading

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